Gah!! That’s really the only word to describe homesickness. It’s not that I want to go home, but all I really wanted was to have a fat veggie burger, a cream tea, and cuddle my dog, then get back to life here in China.

Homesickness is such an inconvenience, because if I were to give in to the way I was feeling and went back home I know for sure I would be bored within the first 1 hour and want to jet off somewhere else again.

The comforts of home really linger in the mind, when you don’t have them. The feeling went away once I had a nap, of course just like a child I was having an inward tantrum wanting to go home, but once I slept and ate something I was back to normal.

I still miss home, and being able to see my friends, family, and dogs everyday, but I decided to come here and god dammit I will follow it through!

A group of us are planning our trip for the October break, which at the moment sounds in.cred.ible! I’m so excited for it, fingers crossed everything goes to plan! I will keep you posted on whats’a happnin’

Here’s to home comforts and new adventures.


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  1. Audrey says:

    I had quite a bout of homesickness today myself. I’ve been living Asia for 8 years now. The longer I’m here the more often I get it, oddly enough. You’re right to see it through and you’d be bored if you went home. Totally agree! Good luck.


    1. bonitakhan says:

      Oh wow, where in Asia are you living? And thank you for the advise 😀 I will do my best to see it through. Once I go home I will definitely appreciate home comforts so much more :p

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      1. Audrey says:

        I live in Taiwan. I lived in Malaysia as well for a while. You’ll always miss things (mainly people I think) from home, but ultimately you know you’re doing what you’re doing for a reason!! I would get homesick for Taiwan if I went back to the states for too long especially the first few years!


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